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The Power of Archetypes

I had a conversation earlier this week with someone about archetypes. So I decided to revisit them to see which archetype is playing a dominate role in my life at present.   An archetype, as you probably know, is a concept that Carl Jung used in his theory of the human psyche. Basically he believed that universal archetypes reside within our collective unconsciousness. These archetypes…

How to stop being a people pleaser

On the surface, wanting to please people, is a good thing.  It’s only when the people pleasing behaviours are driven by fear – fear of rejection, fear of anger, or fear of failure – that people pleasing then becomes a problem.  If you find yourself in the mindset that “everyone MUST like me, and that if I’m super nice to everyone, then they will ALL…

Oh no, not that question again!

“Personal development can be S-L-O-W,” my friend Cathy began her blog post. She made reference to a conversation we had way back in 2008. Sometimes it takes a while to learn what we need to learn in order to evolve to the next level of our personal development. In this audio, I talk about where this exercise finds me 8 years later on.