Clay Lowe


Welcome, weary Internet traveler.
I know I only have a few seconds before you’re gone.

What you’ll find here is my digital footprint – a hyperlink adventure

into who I am or at least the virtual version of me.

I tweet from @soulcruzer

I make a living as a training and development consultant for big companies, but the work I find most rewarding is working with individuals, one to one

I work by appointment on Skype or Zoom.

I’m a social artist and

I love to provoke thought and discussion on the soulcruzer fan page and through audio on

Audioboom, Soundcloud, and once a week I’m joined by @sarahbhunt novelist and podcaster

and we have interesting conversations on practical wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality on iTunes.

You can find my personal blog here, my coaching blog here, and my music blog here.  And if you like

Reading personal newsletters, I publish The Coach’s Notes every Sunday, like clockwork.