The changing face of how we communicate with each other

WOW! It’s official – the top four instant messaging applications now have more active monthly users than the top four social networks.

I read ages ago that email was dead.  And then blogging was dead.  Social Media had killed them both.

And who sends texts anymore?

The numbers point to instant messaging through apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook’s own Messenger app as the new face of out interpersonal communications. Facebook is now also pushing businesses to use its Messenger app – sweetening the deal with AI and bots.

I certainly find myself using Messenger, Viber and DMs on Twitter more so than texts or emails these days.

Mark Zuckerberg certainly felt people’s communication habits were shifting, which prompted him to purchase WhatsApp 2 years ago for $22 billion dollars.  I think some people thought he was mad.  But not anymore.  Big brands are scrambling to get a strategy in place to take advantage of this shift.

Something that’s just occurred to me – with attention shifting to Messenger apps, will we start to see an increase in “cold messaging?” I’m already getting messages from randoms on WhatsApp and Viber.

What about you, which instant messaging app do you use most? And do you use instant messaging for personal or business use?


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