Employers and customers are stalking your Facebook

Almost everyone has a digital footprint. Understanding an individual’s reputation, level of influence and their network is more complicated. – The Social Index

The Social Index, a Syndey based company, wants to help you “stalk” your next new hire.  It’s no big secret that HR departments and recruiters use Google and social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to gather information about potential employees.  It’s becoming standard practice.  I think people need to be aware that the lines between their personal life and professional life have blurred, and it’s all fair game now.

Not being able to find you online may make people draw certain conclusions.

Employers want to know who you are at work and outside of work.  For those of you smirking right now and thinking you’re glad you’re not on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, think again.  I believe we’ve evolved to a place where if you can’t be found online, people are suspect of you.  Plus, remember the old adage that people do business with people they know, like and trust.  Social networking spaces fascilitate the getting to know someone desire we all have when entering into a new relationship with someone personally or professionally.

So back to The Social Index.  They have created a tool that does the “stalking” for you and wraps it up into a visually neat package for you.





Here’s what they say:

The Social Index is a unique online tool that can accurately aggregate and analyse a candidate’s digital footprint to determine their personal brand, their reach and ‘fit’ – their alignment to a particular company’s brand, its culture and values and present it to you in an easy-to-read infographic report.

Why is your social footprint important?

While The Social Index focuses on recruitment, this type of social tech exists for anyone to use.

If you’re a young person growing up in the digital age, you need to be aware that what you do on the Internet is out there for all to see and prospective employers will be looking.

If you’re already in the workforce, you’re employer and prospective new employers are looking at what you do online.  A quick Google search will show you any number of people who have been fired from their jobs because of something they posted online outside of work in their personal time.

If you are a freelancer, consultant, small business owner, coach or anyone offering professional services, you’re potential customers/clients will be checking you out online before they deicide to buy from you or even enter in a relationship with you.

The bottom line is you’re digital footprint is important.  You need to be aware that employers and customers are checking out your personal and professional life online and making decisions about you based on what they find.