Drink Water New Cadet!

I know you know you need to put down that carbonated beverage or fruity fruit juice and drink more water.  My friend Jane Jones introduced me to iOS app, My Water Balance.  What I like about the app is it gamifies drinking water.  Based on you gender, weight, and whether you are training or not, the app gives you an estimate of how much water you should drink daily.  So for me, the app recommended I drink 4.4 litres of water per day.  I find it harder to do than I thought.

In the audio, I quickly recap some benefits of drinking water and talk about the app a little more:

Here are some screenshots:

File 17-03-2016, 14 22 38 File 17-03-2016, 14 23 20 File 17-03-2016, 14 24 39 File 17-03-2016, 14 25 26