Ancient wisdom for lifelong health

paleoToday, I finished reading John Durant’s excellent book, Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health. Now that I’m older and can’t rely on a 20 year old’s high metabolism, I have to be wiser to win the battle of the ‘dad bod’ waistline through nutrition or more specifically making smarter choices about what I eat or don’t eat and why.  Here’s the thing, nutrition and what constitutes a healthy diet is a minefield of information and misinformation and old wives’ tales.  Heck, I used to think eating more fruits and vegetables was a good thing.  Turns out, that’s not quite the whole truth.  Durant talks about this and much more in his book.

I liked John Durant’s approach as an evolutionary psychologist.  He examines the issue of what humans should eat based on our origins as hunter-gatherers.  To echo Christopher McDougall’s words, John Durant rips apart decades of dangerously misguided medical opinions in search of ancient truths.

Here’s more of my thoughts on the book:


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