I think you need to get your eyes checked

File 07-03-2016, 12 24 41Over the past month I found myself struggling to see the road signs while driving. I ignored it for a bit, thinking maybe I just needed a fresh pair of contacts. But the problem didn’t go away even after I changed my lenses. Time to go see the eye doc, I thought. Sure enough, my eyes have gotten worse. But the strange thing is advised me not change my prescription because he said I would struggle to read up close! I’m near-sighted so that’s never been a problem. I read a lot, both online and offline, so to change my prescription to make it worse for me to see up close didn’t seem like much of an option. The compromise was to prescribe me some glasses to wear over my contacts! That way I could use them while driving, and then carry on without them for my reading. I asked the Doc if this was strange. He said it was just old age!

What causes blindness in older adults? A 2004 study found that your race and socioeconomic status played a part. In white people, the major cause of blindness at older ages is age-related macular degeneration, which is progressive damage to the central portion of the retina. While in blacks, the major causes is likely to be glaucoma or cataracts. Bringing it closer to home for me, working folks, between 40 and 60, the major cause is damage to the retina as a result of diabetes.

Get your health check done folks!

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