Getting Acquainted With Stirling

I’ve been on the road again. It’s a place i’ve been before, but it’s like i’m seeing it for the first time. I’m back in Stirling, a very historic Scottish city, about 36 miles northwest of Edinburgh. I’m on contract so most of my days are spent inside a huge office complex, but the extended summer light allows me to get out early in the morning before work and again in the evening after work. I’ve taken to wandering the streets at dawn and dusk, exploring the city from different angles. I’m seeing more of Stirling than I’ve ever seen before and loving it.

When you’re living in a hotel room away from your family 5 days a week, you get a lot of time to think. However, I’ve decided for this gig to not think so much, but to let my mind wander at will and see where it takes me. I’m playing the role of the observer inside my own head.

dawn thru trees



I spent a few mornings wandering along the River Forth.


morning river

This spot on the River Forth overlooks the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge.  Curiously in the movie Braveheart, this river is missing from the battlefield.


castle at night castle at night 2

Equally in the evening, I roamed the night. Stirling Castle at night.


This is what the previous picture looks like in the light.


sidewalk art stuarts

There were some interesting pavement art dotted around the city.


new friend

I made friends with this guy. He seems to live outside the Smith Museum.



Stumbled upon these slugs traveling in convoy.

smith institute

This is the Smith Institute and Museum (where my cat buddy lives). I love the blue doors and window frames. I haven’t had a chance to see inside because it’s closed when I’m free.


bio disc

In the garden outside of the Smith Institute is a number of interesting structures and old agricultural equipment.


morning selfie

Morning selfie.


barracks 2 barracks

An old army barracks.


baker st

No 2 Baker Street serves good pub grub and has won awards for its fish and chips. They have LIVE music several times throughout the week.


nicky tams

Nick-Tams is another place I hangout to listen to LIVE music.  The atmosphere is homegrown friendly locals. The barflies always seem up for a chat.

rob roy

Rob Roy still defending the city.


ready for the times

Tempori parendum – indeed ready for the times.


last rays

Catching the last rays of sun.

distant mountains

The Ochills call to me everyday. I’m planning to spend some time wandering them before the weather turns.



window graffitti

Window selfie.

riverside bridge

The Riverside pedestrian bridge takes over the Stirling station tracks.

spirit animal

One morning, on my way back to the hotel, I came across my spirit animal. Signs and omens.



My good buddy Ian Burgess taking a pause to reflect.

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