What does it feel like to be you?

That’s a great question. I think in the current climate of celebrity worship, be that Hollywood celebrities, Internet celebrities, or entrepreneurs who have been thrust into the limelight, there is a tendency to wish we could be that person, to have their successes, their lives. I think it’s part of a larger issue and that is we all want to feel significant. We want to know that our lives matter. Celebrity status gives the illusion of significance, but doesn’t make one life matter more than another.

Bill Murray was doing a Q&A and someone in the audience asked, “What is it like to be you?”

Bill Murray turned it around and asked the audience to consider what it was like to be themselves. In fact, he led the audience through a sort of guided meditation to explore the question what is it like to be you.

Good old Bill.

Hmmm…thinking about now, it’s kind of a tough question. The easy answer is to say it feels great to be me. However, I’ve never been anybody but me, and since you can never know another person, I can only ever know what it feels like to be me. I can guess what it feels like to be someone else, but that would only be an approximation, not the real thing.


I like how Bill finishes answering the question: “You’re the only one that is you, so work your best at being you.”

Peace peeps,


  • Love this! And God love Bill Murray. What a powerful way to respond to that question.

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