7 Awesome Lessons From It’s A Wonderful Life

Frank Capra’s timeless classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, is my all time favourite movie to watch at Christmastime.  My biggest takeaway from the movie is that all of our lives are intricately connected and even chance encounters have significance.

My favourite scene is where George, played by Jimmy Stewart, is sharing his BIG dream with Mary, played by Donna Reed.

“I’m shaking the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world.” (love this)


@mattklewis penned a nice piece for The Week outlining some of the awesome lessons to be learned from It’s a Wonderful Life.  My top 3 are:

1. Your life has purpose

2. Keeping up with the Joneses is for saps

3. Appreciate how blessed you already are

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If you haven’t seen this movie, make sure you watch it over the holiday period.