Soundportrait – Jo

When I first met Jo, she was hidden in the shadow of herself. Whenever I ran into her at networking events, she was always chipper and positive, but I sensed there was more to her than she was allowing people to see. Well, that veil has been lifted and Jo is letting her light shine into the world.  We had an interesting conversation about the nature of our thoughts and how what we choose to think about helps shape our world.


  • Jo speaks such words of wisdom. It’s not what happens to us in our lives’…..It’s how we react to it that counts. By taking conscious control of our conscious thoughts, we can change our life for the better.

  • Thanks Jo, this is a timely reminder for me! I used to be conscious of all this but the last few years I haven’t been able to see the wood from the trees! Time to focus on positivity and stop complaining! Love your work!