Born Between Scylla and Charybdis, Generation Xers Take A Bow


Let’s get this thinking discipline down. The time of becoming has to give way to the time of being otherwise you’re always stuck in a perpetual state of never being.

I’m surveying the digital landscape looking for my place in it. I’ve been blind to this all along. I’ve had this crazy notion of being a writer since I was a boy. That evolved to being a poet and a philosopher, someone passionate about life and wisdom and knowledge. My mind has been locked in an old paradigm of what that meant, but the digital landscape has changed all of that. Some people don’t like the affect this new digital paradigm has had on old traditions. They want to defend the old ways. My generation – Generation X – were born between Scylla and Charybdis, born too late to be full participants in the Age of Aquarius – the heyday of the hippie, and then coming of age just as the world began to transition to the Information Age and the domination of computers and technology.

Our initial imprint was born of hippie stock and then our deep programming, or what some would call socialisation through formal education took place during a time when nobody had fully grasped the impact computers were going to have on the world. What that has meant to many of us Generation Xers is that our social imprint is outdated, and yes, we can and have added upgrades to our initial imprint, but the bug-bear of imprinting is that it defines who we are by the age of 7. So I’m running on a foundation that was set in 1975!

Luckily, I have the vision to see the future. What I need now is the courage to destroy the old programming – ripped the wires out of the sucker – and be a free agent like Neo and Smith.