How to Find Success (and it’s not where you might think)

I know I talk a lot about building your online networks, but I think it is just as important as a small business owner to build your in real life networks as well. One of the networking groups I attend regularly is 4Networking, which prides itself on being 50% Business and 50% Social. And I think on the whole, achieves this, so worth checking out one in your area.

I had the pleasure to be in Stratford Upon Avon to catch Mike Pagan speak at the Stratford 4N Breakfast Meeting. Mike is a productivity expert and keynote speaker. Now I think Mike is one of the UK’s most underrated speakers out on the circuit today. He’s an excellent speaker, great voice and presence. So if you have a business event coming up and need a keynote speaker check out Mike Pagan.

In just under 20 minutes, Mike delivers a powerful message about how to find the success that’s right for you.