Desire Is the Secret Sauce of Success

Here’s a success formula that has worked for me. I forget the source so I have left the words that are not mine in block quotes. From my experience, I can tell you this formula works. I can also tell you that it falls apart if you don’t get the first step right.

Let’s do a quick thought experiment:

Imagine someone holding your head underwater. Imagine that you are milliseconds away from running out of air. What do you think you would desire most at that moment? My guess is you’d desire air more than anything else in the world at that moment. Ok, panic over, relax and breath.

This formula works, but if you don’t desire the thing you want as much as you desired air in the thought experiment we just did, then it will fail.

Ok so here’s the formula:

[blockquote]This is critical. You’re desire must be specific and it must be attached to a clear and specific idea, a clear and consistent thought picture of what success means to you for that particular desire.[/blockquote]

I find this part a challenge, but it is so very very crucial. If your desire is ill formed, that is, if it is not specific such that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the outcome in your mind’s eye, you will not be able to bring about your desire. What I have found with this is that you will get something, it just might not be what you wanted because you weren’t clear about your desire.

[blockquote]You must have faith or belief that success is not available to you as an abstract idea, but that it is your birthright and all you need to do is claim it as your own and it shall be yours. “Believe and shall receive.”[/blockquote]

If you harbour any doubt, even doubt in whether or not this methodology even works, you will not be able to claim your prize. I’m tempted to say that this step is hard, but actually each step in the process is hard and requires due diligence to make the entire process work and deliver you the results you want. [pullquote align=”right”]Applied knowledge begets power, wealth, and the advancement of humanity.[/pullquote]

[blockquote]When you intentionally think about, repeat and affirm your ideas and goals, you are planting the seeds that will grow to bear fruit.[/blockquote]

There are number of techniques you can use to reinforce this step. A vision board helps. Tell everybody you know what you are doing, share your vision with them. If your desire and faith are strong enough, you will radiate enthusiasm for your goal, which will get others excited and willing to help and assist you in any way they can. If you don’t believe, they won’t believe.

Now you have to do the work required to actualise your desire, and part of that is to acquire the necessary knowledge and apply it. Keep your awareness open to the serendipitous events that will begin to happen once you combine desire, faith, repetitiveness, and action.

So what do you desire as much as you desire air? Share your thoughts in the comments below.