I Met An Old Foe


I met an old foe yesterday.  One of the three Guardians at The Gate.  The Guardian known as Doubt.   I was close to packing up my marbles and going home.  I didn’t want play anymore.  Doubt was kicking my ass big time.  And in short, I was afraid my current efforts to build and create something meaningful might be in vain.

Then I remembered this is life, this is what it’s all about, being thrown challenges and figuring out how to overcome them.  And instead of cowering in the corner like a frightened puppy, facing those challenges head on like a big bad-assed wolf, with full force of will and strength, and like the Spartan mothers you to say to their sons on going off to battle, “either come back with your shield, or on it.”  Victory or death.

FIDO*…push past the doubt.

I’m glad I did.  I was rewarded with a new insight – another gift from the gods to help me on my quest.

Oh and I found this cool video from Elliot Hulse, which expresses the Spartan value “with it, or on it”, and of course, being weightlifting guy myself, the video immediately struck a power chord with me. Watch it. you’ll be glad you did.


*In case you’re wondering what FIDO means it’s an old acronym I picked up from my army days that means Fuck It, Drive On!


photo credit: agelakis via photopin cc

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