Facing My Rubicon

Often when I’m climbing mountains, I reach a point where my legs are aching and my lungs feel like they are going to burst.


It is at those times that I question why the hell am I out climbing a mountain for in the first place when I could be at home with my ass parked on my couch watching some lame TV programme. This usually happens right at the point where it’s too far to turnaround, and still a long way to the top. I have two choices. I can find a rock to climb under and feel sorry for myself, or I can suck it up and carrying on.

This morning, I had that same hopeless feeling. Only this time it wasn’t the mountain I was facing. It was the monumental task of building an online presence in a space that’s already crowded with something like 101.7 million blogs and 44.6 billion blog posts. That’s a staggering anmount of noise to compete with as a blogger. Definitely makes one question why get in the game in the first place.

Then I remember the Rubicon. If I am going to make this work, then I need to take that step past the point of no return and make an irrevocable commitment to succeed.

I’m sitting here now starring at my computer screen, arms folded, thinking, do I type this sentence, do I make that commitment, or pack it up and just play Flappy Birds and FaceBook all day. Since you were able to read the last sentence, I think you have pretty good ideal of what I’ve decided to do.