But enough about the young, I have my own problems

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[blockquote source=”Voltaire”]”The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.”[/blockquote] –

I don’t know why I wanted to start today’s post with this quote from Voltaire. Maybe it is because of Labour MP Frank Field’s declaration that today’s young British people feel that menial jobs, like cleaning, are beneath them, so while the youth remain unemployed, the rich bring in immigrant labor to tend to their cleaning and washing and nappy changing. And because immigrants are willing to work for less pay, even modest middle-class folks are hiring immigrants to do the things they don’t have time to do for as little as £10 an hour.

Perhaps, these young folks who look down on menial jobs haven’t had to face true hardship, maybe the higher standard of living we enjoy has made us weak and decadent and under appreciative of the privileges we have in our society.  Who knows?

But enough about the young. I have my own problems.

Like trying to refine what the hell I’m doing here with this blog. I’ve had two evaluations of the blog last week. The first guy was a bit dopey, but he had a valid point in that he couldn’t tell at first glance what the purpose of my blog was.

I had failed to provide context.

Well, if you’re a regular reader, then I suspect you saw I’ve now re-added the About page, modified the wording, and moved a few things around, like you do with a room in your house that you’re bored with looking at. I’ve also modified the sidebar, which paid huge dividends because the second reviewer almost went berserk until she saw my little picture and short description of the site in the sidebar.

It made her happy to immediately be able to place the context of my site as a personal blog. I had to chuckle, in her comments, she said she thought she was coming to a religious site because of the name soulcruzer and then when she saw the End of the World Post, and the red writing in the background that looked like dripping blood if-graffiti2

ragnarokplus the featured image of men stabbing beasts, she thought, “Oh know, not one of those illuminati sites.” She even said she was about to click off the site until she read the little mini bio on the side.

They say content is king, but context is god. Without context, the content loses it’s message.

We struggle if there is no why.

So why do I write this blog? The Times columnist Caitlin Moransummed it up best for me when she said: “Putting things on paper doesn’t make them matter less. Putting things on paper makes them matter more.” I write because words matter to me. They always have and they always will. And I feel like if I don’t get my words down, if I don’t contribute to the massive pile of words that get written and consumed every day, then I will not have done what I came here to do.

I wish my mother hadn’t kept her troubles to herself and not let us know that she couldn’t pay the fees to the storage facility where she had packed all of our stuff while she was looking for a permanent place to stay.

Because she couldn’t pay the fee, or tell any of her three grown children she couldn’t pay, the Man auctioned off our stuff. In and amongst the heaps of boxes and broken furniture, went all of my childhood keepsakes, my early journals, my early short stories, my 65lb recurved bow (which I loved), all of my books, the hundreds of books I skipped lunch to save the money to buy these books.  There were 4 years worth of books in that storage shed – gone! My books. Damn my books – gone! Books have been the only things that have mattered to me from the time I could hold one until now (with the exception of my kids and stuff (I feel like I have to put that in there, least people will think I’m some kind insensitive callus bastard who doesn’t love his wife and kids)).

Anyway, I said all of that to say, yeah, this is a personal blog and the reason I’m writing it is because I need to write…like most people need to breathe, I need to write, and this is my space to do it.

Now I hope everyone, including me, knows why I write this blog.