How to Break Up Using Only Movie Titles

Time to get into weekend in mode.  Who am I kidding. I’ve been in weekend mode from the moment I opened my eyes this morning. There’s something about a sunny Friday that makes it hard to concentrate on anything even resembling work.  It’s a good day to do “research” or schedule a pub or coffee house meeting, several if you can get away with it.

I used this service to get an objective user testing evaluation of my blog.  It was a fair assessment. The guy pretty much said he couldn’t tell what the vision of the blog was so couldn’t really say if I was meeting my intent or not.  And he’s right, I took the About page down when I switched themes and direction.  One of the dude’s comments was that the site is fine he imagines for someone who knows who I am, but as a complete stranger he didn’t have a clue about what the blog was about.  And he’s right, so I have added the About page back.

In short, this is my personal blog where I share what I’ve been seeing, hearing, reading and thinking about. It is a reflection of my random curiosity and an outlet for my personal musings.

I’ve resubmitted my blog now with context, so let’s see what we get for feedback this time.

Alright, time to slip off to my local coffeehouse and do some reading  before calling it day and rocking in the weekend.


peace out