Sexism through the lens of a society ruled by women

Come on ladies, are we men really that bad? Eleonore Pourriat seems to think so. She portrays us as oversexed monsters in her short film, Oppressed Majority [watch above], where she examines sexism through the lens of a society ruled by women. I guess you mostly only ever view the world through your own spotted lens, so when someone like Eleonore comes along and wipes the dirty off of your lens, you can’t help but think, wow, is this really how things look? sexist-advertising-name-that-brand-may-29-2012-600x587 Jon Snow, the Channel 4 presenter, was brave enough to say what most men think: [blockquote source=”Tom Chivers”]“Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there’s no doubt about it,” he said in an interview last week. Every time he meets a woman, he weighs her up as a potential sexual partner, and, he thinks, other men do the same. “It’s a natural animal element of sustaining life.”[/blockquote] And maybe that’s it, nature designed man with a brain that thinks about sex every seven seconds so that there will never be any danger of us getting too distracted by business other than keeping our species alive and well. [pullquote align=”right”]“43 PERCENT OF PEOPLE NAMED DOGGY STYLE AS THEIR FAVOURITE POSITION.”[/pullquote] I know i’m drifting into dangerous territory here and am probably only a couple of mouse clicks away from being labelled a sexist hairy neanderthal, but I think there is something in this notion that we can’t just turn off 7 million years of instinct, which is a good thing least we become extinct. Sexist-ads-feminism-25328033-900-641 I do draw the line at verbally and physically harassing women. Playing out our sexual fantasies in our own heads is fine. It’s a whole other thing to act out what goes on in our head (consent not withstanding).

Heck ladies, while we’re on the subject of sex, here are 10 things we wish you knew about us:

1. We respond to praise 2. We fear intimacy 3. We appreciate sex for sex’s sake 4. We are not just our penises 5. We encourage fantasies 6. We like it when you talk 7. We need your honesty 8. We enjoy the dance 9. We can explain pornography 10. We always need it, but not for the reason you think (Via Brendan Tapley. You can read the details behind the list over here) sexist1

Korah, the prophet- Brown Conscious Rap

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  • That video was deeply unsettling on so many levels. As a female of a certain age born in the USA, I’ve experienced and yet also been spared from many different flavors of harassment, discrimination, whatever. And while I fantasize of a true meritocracy (I think diversity balancing has hurt us when not merit based; e.g. for some jobs, physical strength is key. I want my firefighter to be able to schlep me down a flight of stairs with haste. So if you can carry me great, but don’t change the metric to do some wacky gender balancing of the workforce…), I remain bewildered by the lengths people will go to try to achieve some artificial convergence between the innate differences. e.g. I read this stuff and somewhat see what the parents are hoping to accomplish but inside I’m thinking that man cub will need a ton of therapy in the coming years to unwind their good intentions.
    Chewy stuff Clay. Thank you.

    • I’ve always approached man and woman as same, but different and that there is a natural reason for the difference. Each of the sexes should play to their strengths and not try to mute their best qualities for fear of being labeled this or that. I read the Daily Mail piece last week and left with the same thoughts you had, that the kids is going to be seriously confused when he gets older and yes it’s going to take a ton of therapy to undo all the shit his parents are heaping on him now. Shit, the boy’s parents need only watch and observe what the kid does naturally in accordance with nature’s plan to understand that there is a distinct purpose in the design of men and women. When I was an infantryman there was always this debate about whether or not women should be allowed in the infantry. My thoughts were always, as long as they keep the standards the same, then go for it. But as you point out with the firemen, as long as the woman can hump around a 100 pound rucksack, or sling her wounded battle buddy over her shoulders and carry him to safety, then i’m all for it. Not all men can be in the infantry. If they can’t hack the standards, they can’t hack the standards and must go. Nothing sexist about it!

      And as always Cathy, thanks for your comments.