Your favourite alcoholic beverage can also act as a truth serum

There is a common belief in Japan that people are at their most open and honest when mildly drunk, which is why business in Japan is often conducted over a few cups of sake.  I’m sure, like me, you’ve been there, you know, knocking back a few to lower the old inhibitions and get real loose like a long neck goose.  I don’t like to get stupid drunk, the kind where you wake up with a huge hangover, but I do like to get tipsy every now and then and take my myself to that limit where I’m feeling good and feeling good is good enough.

Not quite sure why I’m thinking and writing about alcohol at six o’clock in the morning but hey ho, I don’t control these kinds of things.  Or maybe it’s because I’m at the mother-in-law’s house and am feeling the need to escape! Ah but if I listen to the man in the video above, I shouldn’t use alcohol as means to escape from the cold hard reality of spending time with the mother-in-law. Then again, if I only have a few, I might end up telling her how I really feel. Hmmm… Irish coffee anyone?

Oh and if you were ever curios about what your favourite alcoholic beverage looks like under a microscope, the guys over at bevshots have turned alcohol into art.

Here are my favourites:

1. Whiskey


 2. Scotch


 3. English Lager


 4. Mexican Lager





  • This post made me laugh. One of my friends from Tallahassee, Lester Hutt, is one of the people behind BevShots. I have the coasters and the shot glasses. And randomly, Lester’s wife was in Denver for work this week. Had dinner with her on Wednesday. The world is postage stamp tiny.

    • Ha. It is a small world indeed, not to mention all the synchronicity and connectivity going on.