The benefits of selfies and why you should take more of them

selfie train

Not that I need any justification for taking selfies, but this vid helps my narcissistic tendencies seem, well, a little less narcissistic. The good folks at BrainCraft say a little narcissism is good for the soul and self-esteem.

“Being faced with ourselves makes us better people – it’s not just about vanity. The ever present media, the images of ourselves on Facebook and around us are allowing us to see ourselves as we never have before. If you take the opportunity to see yourself as others do, rather than to present yourself as you would rather be, the reflection may make you more confident, honest, and self-aware.”

I guess so long as you don’t turn into a Megalomaniac – oh sorry, that’s the old term- now it’s a person who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, as long as you don’t turn into one of them and let your narcissism rage out of control like a rhino in heat, then you should be just fine. So go on and take a few more selfies…

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Oh and how about this song to suit your narcissistic needs:

Peace Peeps!


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