Peak District – Deep Dale – Chee Dale 2014

Aw man, it’s 5 days into the New Year and I’m now just getting around to making a new blogposts.  Good thing I didn’t make blogging daily one of my New Year’s Resolutions! All joking aside, I do intend to blog more and to cover the range of blogging mediums from audio to video to slideshares and everything in between. All of course in the spirit of sharing the things I’m experiencing both IRL (ha, I’ve been wanting to use that acronym for a while) and on the Internet.

So my first blog post of 2014 is a picture gallery of my first hike of 2014, which I did yesterday in the Peak District with several of friends who have on their New Year’s list to do more hiking. Bonus! I got a hike out of the deal and a blogpost.  We did an 11 mile loop that took us through Deep Dale – Chelmorton – Taddington – Monsal Trail – Chee Dale.  I’ve completed this loop several times in the past, so for me, it was just a goos day out in the fresh air, hanging with some friends.  The walk was relaxing and time-stopping.  It felt to be good to be out with a group again.  Last year, I did mostly solo stuff.  So on my list this year is to do more group hikes again. I had stopped doing group hikes because I was tired of organising them and coordinating dates and all that jazz.  It was just easier for me to jump in my Jeep and go, no muss, no fuss. But, this year, I will endeavour to do more group stuff.  How about that Cathy?

I’m working on my first video for 2014.  I have a couple in the pipeline actually, just need to sit my ass down long enough to edit.  On my list this year is to make more videos and do more vlogging.  I want to explore video-making as a medium for creative self-expression.  In short, I want to do more visual storytelling.

Just a quick note on the Holiday Season (I have a vlog coming about it, so I’ll keep this short) I had a relaxing couple of weeks off of work, time to think and to chill and to generally just hang loose.  But now it’s time to get back into gear with work this week.  As far as my goals for 2104, I’ll talk about them in the video!

Enjoy the slide show:

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  • Clay, good pics! Used to a bit of climbing in the Peak District and your post took me right back, ‘gritty and real’ is how I remember the place.
    Get what your saying about blogging/vlogging btw. For years my dad kept family photo albums up to date and meticulously labelled and now, with all this easy to use interactive sync’d technology at my finger tips I’ve scarcely downloaded any photos from my phone in the last 12 months.
    Looking forward to your vlogs this year and if you venture a wee bit further north for a hike give me a shout!

    • Thank Tom. Yeah, we need to make the most of all this technology and connectedness. Cheers, Clay

  • Alone, together, I am glad you are getting out and about. Love the photos.