Come on Jumeirah Fiddler, Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I went to the greyhound races in Coventry in the other evening for a change of scenery.


race form

The dogs are always good for a bit of fun, complete madness and mayhem them dogs racing around the track to catch the Swifty. They look like they are having fun anyway, unpredictable as hell, but hey that’s the same as life. My dogs of the night:

Maybe Lucky
Jumeirah Fiddler
Pennys Nine
Midway Fantasy
January Brae





Only January Brae came close to winning me anything. He was leading the race right up to the last turn and into the home stretch. It was my fault he didn’t win. I couldn’t yell words of encouragement loud enough for him to hear on account of my bad throat. I tried, but my voice gave out completely and then the race was over. January Brae trotted happily back to his handler.

I caught the 2008 film, Four Christmases with Vince Vaugh and Reese Witherspoon last night on TV. It was a chance encounter. I turned on right when Vince Vaugh was falling off a roof. I laughed and to watch the rest. It’s a funny flick and if you’re looking to round out your Christmas watch list, I’d recommend it.

Oh yes. I’ve found a new #hashtag group to join on Twitter – #micropoetry. I’m a big fan of the short form poem, especially those that can evoke an emotion and tell a story in 5 lines. The Japanese call this a Tanka, which follows a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic form. The Western version of the Tanka is a little less rigid on the syllable count and often takes on a free verse form. I’m inspired to explore this form some more. Here are my first few contributions to #micropoetry.

to connect, he
walked a thousand
miles to be

wolf at his feet,
he needed a place
to roam, somewhere new
to call home, she
let him go.

had to clean
the swamp


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