Look Beyond the Label of Things

Freeman Patterson urges us to look beyond the label of things and discover the remarkable world us.



It’s easy to loose sight of the object for the label. The human brain, being the wonderful machine that it is, is highly skilled at identifying, clarifying and classifying what comes through the senses. I glance up from my keyboard and I ‘see’ a computer screen. But when was the last time I looked beyond the label of ‘computer screen’ and saw the tiny specks of dust that look like a miniature of the cancer constellation. Or my eyes reflected in the glossy black strip at the top of the monitor that makes me look like the main character in the Assassins Creed franchise. Maybe it’s because the computer monitor is a functional piece of equipment that in my mind isn’t really worthy of close inspection. But I suspect it’s more than that. When I am daily function mode, I notice less. My mind being pre-occupied with getting on with what task is at hand. When I am in the mountains or on holiday in some foreign place, I take the time to look and absorb my surroundings. And maybe that’s it, maybe it’s a function of time. On holiday, I have ‘more’ time. I have the luxury of not being pressured by the clock to be somewhere. I can take my time and look around.  One of the things I love about photography is it provides a reason for me to stop and take a look around, to capture the interesting juxtaposition of objects or to see an object in a different. I sometimes draw to see. If you ever want to truly see an object, spend time drawing it.


I know we still have 11 days left in December, but rightly or wrongly, I have already start thinking ahead to 2014 and started making a loose list of things I want to do. On the list at the moment:

  • Get into online gaming
  • Hold a regular Texas Hold ‘em with friends
  • Attend more live gigs
  • More domestic and foreign travel
  • Pay of my mortgage
  • Free myself from the desire/wish for recognition and authority

Looking at the list now and I’m thinking why online gaming? Isn’t that a time-waster? Possibly. But there is a social aspect to gaming that is sometimes over-looked by those who see gaming as an detractor from productivity. We talk a lot about the social web, what’s more social than games? The Greeks and the Romans under this.

The poker will be for bringing close friends closer together.

At the tail end of last year, I was gigging like mad. I kind of tailed off from that halfway through this year and am now itching to get back into the live scene. As for travelling, I’ve been travelling a lot for business, but my personal travel has been a bit slack, probably because of all the business travel. But hey, you have to take time out to smell the roses right?

Desire for recognition has totally hindered my creative output, something I am acutely aware of and have taken steps to eradicate and 2014 to totally annihilate. I like that word – annihilate. It sounds so final.

That’s a start. I’ll spend some more time outlining my plans for next year just after Christmas. There a lot of things I want to do with the blog and with my other project RadioWarwickshire. I also want to do a collaboration with a electronic musician.