It’s out there man, don’t you hear it?

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Dizzie Gillespie, when asked where does his jazz come from replied, “It’s out there, man. Don’t you hear it?”

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Don’t you hear your creativity calling? Or is there too much noise in your head preventing you from hearing the extraordinary sounds that surround you? Or maybe you think too much, and your thinking keeps you from seeing beyond seeing.

You know the noise i’m talking about?! The conversations where you tell yourself that your work is not good enough, or that people will never like what you create or worse still, saying to yourself, “I’m not very creative.”

Well if you want to unleash your creativity, you need to learn how to let all that stuff go…learn to silence the noise, so you can truly hear. As Duane Preble reminds us on breaking through the enslavement of the judgemental mind, we wander freely, we welcome and embrace the unknown, the chaos, and the mystery.”

The thing that hinders me most is trying to create and edit at the same time. So instead of letting my words flow out unfiltered, my editor is judging the words before I have even had the chance to get them down on paper or screen. And of course, spell check and grammar check don’t help because as you type you’re getting feedback telling you that you’ve done something “wrong.” I have to constantly remind myself to just get the words out as a first iteration and then go back and edit, re-arrange, and re-order the words to hopefully shape something that is enjoyable or interesting to read. Even as I’m typing this, I spelt ‘iteration’ wrong and couldn’t help but hover over it, right click, and get the correct spelling. I know most word processor will let you turn these features off, which is maybe a good idea to do when you are in the creation phase of your writing.

One of my literary hero’s is Jack Kerouac. He was a big fan of continuous writing, not bothering with punctuation, paragraphs, spelling or even page breaks (he used to use rolled paper to write on). In his tips on writing he advocated that one should “remove literary, grammatical, and syntactical inhibitions.” Just let loose by “composing in wild, undisciplined, pure” form. In this way you tap into the power of your subconscious mind, and the part of the brain, that controls your emotional side. once you have the words out, you can then go back an edit.

I know, as a writer, I personally need to work on this. To let loose like that is to uncover truths and there’s always that lingering thought that I just might tap into or uncover a truth that I don’t want to face up to. So yeah, some of it is about being fearless enough to let whatever comes out come out and later decided the merit or de-merit of what you have written.

I have a high aspiration to blog here daily, but after a long hard day delivering training, I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open. I better wind this post down and get ready to disappear into la-la land. Sorry folks, nothing personal.


Hear Johnny Depp read Jack Kerouac.