If you don’t know what you stand for, how will anyone else know?

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I’m on the 17:15 train home from London to Leamington Spa. It’s a direct train, which is great, but also means I can’t fall asleep without running the risk of ending up in Kidderminster. On the regular train service, there are enough stops with people getting on and off to keep me semi-awake. That said…


It’s amazing how little we actually think about our values and what we stand for as individuals. We kind of know when our values are being violated, but tend to articulate this by saying, ‘that doesn’t feel right.’ Very few people, in my experience, can quickly answer the questions what do you stand for? What are your values?

I have the good fortune to have been working with a group of managers today on that very issue. I guess we just get caught up in the day to day fire fight that we often don’t stop to think about something as grand as clearly knowing what our values are and how we articulate clearly into what we stand for.

If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek articulate his idea about the ‘Golden Circle,’ it’s worth a watch. My favourite line is the two-part question: ‘Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?’ I particularly love the second question, why should anyone care?

A way to approach this, perhaps, is to ask yourself “What is important to you?” And if you weren’t getting it, how quickly would it spur you to action? So for me, it’s freedom to explore. I can’t stand being pigeon-holed in a box. I can tolerate a lot of things, but if my freedom to explore is in jeopardy, I get real emotional, real quick.


This is a blessing and a curse, of which I suffer. I try to make it go away. I try to run and hide from desire, but in the end, I always find myself right back at, try to cure hunger for generating a great piece of art. The sad thing is many people die without ever satisfying this hunger. The tragedy is when someone dies without ever have tried. They die with their passion inside them.

I tweeted this earlier:


When I ride the tube, I witness this phenomena and it makes me realise, that yes, creating content for mobile consumption is the way to go. I need to have a good think about how I can add value in this area.