Dispatch 13.12.2013 Exeter

It’s 1:18am and two things have fascinated me: watching angus bounce around the stage, dressed in a schoolboy outfit, to include a satchel around his shoulder on an old AC/DC video. He must have been completely knackered after the performance. The other fascination is with Helen Czerski, a physicist whose specialty is bubbles. She makes a living studying bubbles! And while that may sound boring, she is truly passionate about it and from reading her website and blog, I can she is anything but boring. Bubbles have been good to her. Here’s a link to her blog if you want to check her out: http://www.helenczerski.net/blog/blog.html What fascinates about her is her pure enthusiasm and dedication to bubbles. Going deeper, she is a scientist, in the spirit of what being a scientist is all about – questioning, exploring and discovering how our world works. Black Sabbath are now rocking the stage with their song Never Say Die. I’ve just taken a trip through to the 1970’s watching rockstars be rockstars – Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, AC/DC – these guys in their early days remind me of the true spirit of Rock ’N Roll. I’m feeling love for everything right now, which often happens when I have the pleasure of witnessing people truly in love with what they do.