How Passionate Are You About What You Do?

I was contemplating the idea of passion. What does it mean to be passionate about something? It’s a phrase that gets battered around a lot. People are forever saying, “I am passionate about _______ .”

So what do they really mean?


The majority of people who tell me they are passionate about something, probably really aren’t as passionate as they say. I do believe they generally like, even love the thing they are telling me they are passionate about, but are they REALLY passionate about it?

Passion, let’s see…passion is a state of strong emotion or an intense desire for something. Now when I think of that definition, I think of the story Plato told about Socrates and the young man coming toSocrates to ask him how he could be as wise as him. According to the story, Socrates takes the young man down to the river and dunks the lad’s head underneath the water and holds it there until just before the kid can’t hold his breath any longer. While the lad was gulping air, Socrates asked him what he wanted most while his head was being held under water and the lad said all he wanted was air. And Socrates told the kid when he wanted wisdom as much as he wanted air, then he wisdom would be his.

I think it’s the same thing with passion. For me when someone says they are passionate about something, to me that means they want the thing as much as they want air.

I’m like that with books and my perpetual search for knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Family and friends aside, I can’t imagine my life without books and the infinite worlds that reside within them.

Now I know the question that most of us struggle with the most is, “If I only I could find what I am truly passionate about, then I’d be off like a rocket.”

We spend forever and a day trying to answer that question. The problem is we spend the time “thinking” about what our passion is instead of using our heart and our body to feel our way into our passion through action.

Passion lives in your heart.

I know deep down inside, you know what your passion is, but your rational mind presents way to good of an analytical answer for why you can’t pursue your passion or that what you think is your passion is indeed not your passion.

And don’t forget our old friend fear…fear of failure and in some cases, fear of success, lurks in the shadows of  your mind, reminding you of all the things that could go wrong if you take that step towards embracing your passion and living a passion-full lifestyle.

Listen, and this is important, you might not get another chance at this life thing, so make the most of it while you are here!

Down with the 9 to 5, right?


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