How Awake Are you?

Back on the home front after a busy week Leicester and London.


I was going to reflect on the last fews of days, but I’m not in the mood to reflect.  My mind is in active mode.  I’ve started reading Charles Tart’s book, Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential and although for several years now I have been banging on about waking up and how we walk around in a trance 90% of our day, I hadn’t fully appreciated how deep the rabbit hole really goes in terms of how automated  we are as human beings.

We are, in effect, machines.  99% of our waking day is executed through habitual patterns and programs.  A lot of the programs are useful, but they are still executable programs, nonetheless, just like a computer.  The Machine (society) has programmed the machine (us) to believe that we are not machines and are acting under our own free will.  But if you really raise your awareness you will come to realise how automated your responses to life really are.

A simple experiment you can do today is to take note of something that annoys you or makes you angry today.  Ask yourself why of all the possible emotional responses you have at your disposal was anger or annoyance triggered automatically?  Did your anger or annoyance solve anything? Upon reflection, was there a more useful state, other than anger or annoyance, that would have helped you deal with the situation more effectively? Why was anger or annoyance the first response triggered?

You can stop at the surface and say, “Because I didn’t like what was happening…”  Or you can go deeper down the rabbit hole to find out what belief you hold about the way the world works that triggered the automatic response of anger or annoyance.  Is the belief true? Or is it one possible version out of an infinite number of truths? If you changed your belief would your response be different?

The aware person can wake up from the dream state and start making true choices instead of executing old and probably outdated programs that generate habitual responses that may or may not be useful, effective or beneficial.

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