You Don’t Need Permission to Pursue Your Dreams

“Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true.”

– T.E. Lawrence


The problem of those who wait, wrote Nietzsche, is that it requires luck. And it requires even more luck if you are waiting for someone to give you permission to act by telling you it is the ‘right time’ to act. The reality is the ‘right time’ never happens. There are people all over the world waiting for permission to act. The sad part is they don’t realise the extent to which they are waiting, and sadder still most of them are waiting in vain.


I run into this often when I am coaching people who are stuck in a job they hate.  They know they want to do something else with their life, but they don’t feel like they are worthy to pursue their own goals in life because it might upset their parents, their spouse or their boss.  They tie this invisible chain around their neck and then give the lead to the parents, spouse or boss and wait for that person to tell them what to do and when to act.

The problem is, if you wait to long for someone to give you permission to act, you may find that by the time they do give you permission, it’s to late and the best part of your youth and vigor have been used up running to stand still.

As Nietzsche said, perhaps greatness is not so rare; perhaps what is rare is the courage to overcome the need to wait for permission or the ‘right time.’

By the way, if you still need permission to act, take it.  I’m giving it to you now!

Now that you have permission, what have you decided to do? Drop me a note below in the comments.

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