Unlock the Real You and Discover Your Hidden Potential

[dropcap background=”yes|no” bgcolor=”default|#EEEEEE”]I[/dropcap]’ve just spent the most amazing 3 days in Wyboston Lakes on the Clarity4D Accreditation Course. There were two levels to the course, one was about discovering the keys to unlocking my hidden potential, the other was about learning how to help others discover their hidden potential through the exploration of self and others.

Clarity4D Accreditation

Clarity4d is a Jungian-based personality profiling system and philosophy.  What sets it apart from other profiling systems out there is it’s holistic approach to the material, which makes it easy and fun to learn, and equally easy to implement and apply in your daily life at home and at work.

The 4 Dimensions of Clarity4D

1st Dimension – The recognition and understanding of self

2nd Dimension – The perception of self by others

3rd Dimension – The unknown potential

4th Dimension – The time it takes to develop our potential




Quick Exercise:


Read the words on each of the cards.  Chose the card that is most like you. Then rank the cards in order of most like you to least like you.

My ranking was Yellow Green Red and Blue.

Here is an example of how that combination of colour energies manifest themselves in my life:

[blockquote source=”Clarity4D”]Clay achieves great satisfaction by being of service and assistance to others.  He may become dejected and morose when things don’t go well or when he can’t see a way forward. He has a philosophy that “you only live once” and make the most of each day.[/blockquote]

And here is an example of how they manifest themselves at work:

[blockquote source=”Clarity4D”]When communicating with Clay, don’t give him too much unnecessary information to absorb.[/blockquote]

Overall what I learned on the 3 days is how to be more effective in my interpersonal relationships and how to maximise my way of being in order to enrich my life with more choice.

What order did you rank the colours? If you want to know what your choice indicates about you, drop me an email and I’ll send you a free sample report.

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  • love the way you have put the article together Clay – nicely written and laid out. Thanks. Can I have a sample report please to me at steve.davies2@btconnect.com and then I’d like my two sons and myself to have a go

    • Thanks Steve. Sample report on it’s way. Enjoy.