As is usual about this time of the year, folks start setting their sights on the New Year and what they want to do once the Christmas turkey has settled in their bellies and the loll of the holidays have ended.  I’ve started to wargame next year in my head.  There’s a bunch of stuff I want to get done.  And to get it done, I know I need to focus, something which I can be notoriously bad at doing.  I am like a crow or a raven in that instance, shiny new things catch my eye and I abandon whatever I was doing to go see what this shiny new thing is.  That’s good for experiencing loads of things, but not necessarily good for finishing the stuff I start.  So for me, the buzz words for 2012 are FOCUS and in terms of attitude, DETERMINATION.  And the sub-text for 2012 is MSH (Make Shit Happen).

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