I went hill-walking today in Wales in an area known as…

I went hill-walking today in Wales in an area known as Carneddau.  Apparently this is the only place in the UK that has wild horses (not re-introduce wild horses), and I was fortunate enough to see three of them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my Lumix GF2 with me so I couldn’t zoom in on them or get close enough to take a decent shot.

The reason I didn’t have my Lumix with me is because the weather man had predicted pretty foul weather in the North Welsh mountains! I brought my Kodak PlaySport instead, which is waterproof and shockproof, the perfect companion for the moutains under rainy conditions.

The above photos were all taken with the Kodak PlaySport, which wactually bills itself as an handheld HD camcorder.  Today I used it primarily as a camera, although I did take a few video clips which I’ll share a little later on.

We climbed:

By the way, I didn’t get many shots for several reason, one of which is the visibility was poor, I mean there were times when fog and the mist were so thick that it was hard to maintain group contact.

The second reason I didn’t take many photos is because the wind was strong, a couple of times knocking me off me feet.