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Hi Folks. I know I’ve been silent on the blog posts (sometimes FB and Tweeter and Tumblr are just easier to up date). But hey-ho here I am now…

I was slightly groggy this morning. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t get to bed until 1 a.m. or because I woke up at my usual time of 5.30 a.m. but then fell back to sleep until 6.30 a.m.. I suspect it’s because I fell back to sleep. It was a restless hour of sleep.

I started work on a new imagine last night. It’s one of a lady eating an ice cream. I want to try this new style out that is light line art, sparse background with splashes of colour in various places usually the eyes, the mouth and hands. I like the minimalist feel to it.

I did an audio note this morning, which made me remember my audio boos. I haven’t been there for a while, so I was thinking since I am laying off of the writing, that I might start those up again. You can hook up with me there or just catch my latest Boo in the sidebar on the right.

I am was wondering about the persona Clay. I was thinking about this because of Daniel’s blog. He’s kind of gone for the full disclosure blog, whereas I am aware that I blog in character – a close enough character to the “in the flesh” Clay, but nevertheless a virtual version of Clay that stops short of the full disclosure of my mind’s content.

I suppose I blog less frequently then some folks because I try to second guess what people will find interesting. I suppose really I should just blog about whatever I find of interest and hold true to what it says on the tine – a blog about “my thoughts on what I’ve been seeing, hearing, and reading about.” In short, really just need to report on what I’ve experienced that day or week.

Today I had the opportunity to do some work analysing DISC profiles, while DISC is not my favourite behavioural style profile, it works well enough to begin a conversation around personal insight. I come out as a High-I type, followed closely by S-type.

Apart form that, another night in the Stirling Highland with the hypnotic carpet. I like the Highland because it has a decent gym and it’s right in Stirling proper – easy access to good food and some sights. I’ve started introducing cardio back into my work-out routine, seeing how it is now Spring, I have to get ready for running on the roads and mountain-biking. Time to ease back off of the weights.

I don’t know if you caught this article about the death of the phone and how nobody uses the phone (for calling) anymore or rarely. Although the article doesn’t talk about this, I’ve also read that email is on it’s way out being replaced by Twitter, FB private message and it’s ilk. I’m not sure that I’d go that far and dismiss email, but I certainly don’t talk that much on my phone anymore. In the past 6 or 7 years I’ve never used up my talk minutes on my mobile. I do however, frequently go over my texting limit. How about you? Do you use the phone a lot for talking? What’s your weapon of choice when it comes to day to day communication needs.

That’s it for me tonight folks. I hope you had a fab day today.
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