dreams – tower block prison

I was a prisoner in a tower block prison. There were two tower block prisons, one for men and one for women. Me and a few friends tried to escape, but the mafia prisoners wouldn’t let us. We tried blending in with the locals but the mobsters knew who we were.

At one point, we tried to rob a penny arcade. We fouled the job up. The owner just saw us as a couple of kids and didn’t make a big fuss about it. He even gave us a few tips on how we should have done it. We didn’t get far before we decided we better return to the prison before the guards thought we were actually trying to escape. We had a curfew and as long as we were back before curfew, no one would know we tried to escape.

I saw two ladies trying to escape. One was about to jump over a bridge and in to a sewer. The female prison guard tried to reason with her, told her that she would be caught and smelling like shit. A swarm of gnats and mosquitoes attacked us moments before we returned to our prison tower. The last thing that happened was the prison guard told us we had to turn in our Polo mints before going back to our cells. Apparently we got the Polo mints with our meals and could eat them outside, but were not allowed to take them back to our cell.

OK any thoughts on what meanings this dream might have?

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