I was recently turned on to the American rock band, Hinder.  I downloaded the band’s latest album, All American Nightmare, as my place of departure for exploring this band.  During my first listen through, I was thinking, yeah I can dig this band.  Then the real test came when I popped them on my workout play-list.  I was not disappointed.  Good old hard rock with a little post-grunge thrown in the mix as well.

Words and music, Eddie Wilson said.  I must admit, I am partial to the words, being a half-assed poet and writer myself.  I do dig the beat, but the lyrics are what win me over in the end, and Hinder has some fantastic lyrics on this album.  Stuff like:

Whatcha gonna do when the whiskey ain’t working no more?
Life don’t feel like before, whatcha gonna do?


You told me you hated my GNR shirt
I should have know then this is never gonna work


About the time the Stones came on
we were stoned out of our minds
I know it’s only rock and roll
but it’s the soundtrack of our lives

The music is great too, which makes this album completely work for me.  My favorite tracks are:

Put that Record On which has a nice nostalgic tone for rock and roll to it.  Reminds me, like Austin Winkler crones, that rock  has indeed been the soundtrack to my life.

Hey Ho is a fun tune that takes a shot at hip-hop, but it’s a funny tune so I’ll forgive them for that.

I like the heavy guitars in Striptease, a song that shouts out against fake pop divas.  I love the line:  You gotta shake that ass, ’cause we know you can’t sing.

My other favorite is Bad Mutha Fucka, a groovy little number that says it all in the title.

I pretty much love the whole album.  Give them a listen:

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All American Nightmare