a night by the river

A sip of whiskey, a polo, and then it’s time to go. Rushed straight out into a traffic jam, everybody seems in a hurry to get somewhere, but where they are.
We’ll all get there in the end, don’t you worry about that. I suppose the question is will you enjoy the ride? Whenever I need to clear my head, I jump in the car and go. I don’t need a destination, just an open road.

I still recall the night we shared near the river’s edge. The mosquitoes feasted on our exposed flesh. But that didn’t matter, it was enough to listen to the water break gently against the rocks, your hand in mine.

And for a while, I forgot about time, enamoured by your beauty, I kneeled to dry your feet. Don’t be afraid. We were made for love and in love we despair. We found a way to make it good. And you called my name as if to remind yourself we were made of blood and flesh. I kissed you on the lips and then it was done.

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