no pain, no gain

There are those who say that the truth will set you free. Not me, buddy, I believe it’s anxiety that will set you free. You see, once you get all anxious about life, you start doing some soul searching and you look up high and you look down below until you get tired, and then you get to realising that life is totally absurd. There is no truth and there is no meaning. Some people get all bent out of shape about this. They get depressed and think what’s the point. Why carry on the charades? Take the two mums sitting across from me with their toddlers in tow talking about useless dribble. They don’t have a clue. They’re just doing more or less what their mothers did before them. They found a man, got married, and made babies. Now they’ll raise the kids, grow old and die. And that cute little toddler playing underneath the table over there is going to grow up and do the same.

Yeah life is meaningless, but hey, that’s OK by me. It means I can pretty much believe whatever I want to believe about life. I can make my own meaning. That thought scares most people. They don’t want to be burdened with the sole responsibility for their life. Let the government do that. Or some religious leader or guru. That way if their life goes wrong, then they have someone other than themselves to blame. Who wants to be wrong, right?

Hmmm…let’s all just hang our heads in despair and lead lives of quiet desperation as Thoreau observed most men do. It’s easier that way.

No thank you, I think I’ll go ahead and take responsibility for my life, take the high road of pain. And if I get it wrong, so be it. I’ll take comfort in the fact that I played the game the way I wanted to play it.

No pain, no gain right?