• Funnily enough I had a pork loin steak this evening, (Sainsburys had them on offer – a huge tray for only £4.99) Hmmm not sure if I should cook the rest or try the experiment… yuckyyyyyyy

    Just happened upon some sheep queing up to die on BBC3… all this makes me seriously consider becoming veggie 🙁

  • I agree it is yucky, but definitely not enough to turn me veggie.

  • Poor little worm! What did it ever do to you?

  • Clayton

    That was… well, it was just plain disgusting. but… Not enough to make me give up meat.. nope…

    I can get past the worms.. found I nice one at the bottom of a bottle once LOL

  • This pic would be a nice assist for bulominics everywhere.


  • where i am from, a fast food industry tried substituting beef for worms farmed specifically for eating (called vermiculture)
    but it was a secret.
    well their trade secrets leaked out.
    so instead of saving money by using worms they ended up losing money with the uproar over it.

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